Up With the Chickens

Raising children and chickens on a little buffalo farm

About me…

I am a mother of four children – My Big Kids (15 & 13)  and The Littles (10 and almost 8). I’m also the wife to a fabulous husband of nearly 20 years.  We live on a small farm in the Arkansas hills.  I teach high school speech, drama, and English.  Recently, The Littles and I  started a mini-farm.  So far we have chickens and rabbits, I dream of  one day owning a pig too. My husband, Hal, has raised buffalo (bison) for years.  Our life is crazy busy,  but mostly in a good way.  I’m not Martha Stewart or the Pioneer Woman, but I do like growing at least some of our own food and trying to eat as healthy as we can.  That said, I’m not above cooking for convenience from time to time.  (I might even post the occasional crock pot meal that relies heavily on canned soup.)   This blog is a little about mothering, a little about farming, and bit about teaching -with a few recipes and tips thrown in too.  This blog will be a lot like my life – scattered, disorganized, eclectic, and a lot of fun!

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