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Why I Want My Kids to Get Bored…

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LC Hanby Hudgens, writer

There’s an old saying that goes,”Idle hands are the devil’s playground.” Or workshop or something like that. The point is that if one is not busy, one will get into trouble. Perhaps it is this way of thinking that has spawned the kids’ craft industry and the untold number of websites and Pinterest pages devoted to making things with popsicle sticks, paper plates, and toilet paper rolls.

I’m not knocking kids’s crafts.  I’ve done my fair share of crafting with kids.  My children and I have melted crayons to make Christmas ornaments.  We’ve glued rice and pinto beans to particle board to fashion works of art.  We’ve strung macaroni necklaces, and made our own play doh.   Quite frankly, I’m sick to death all of it.  Really, I’d rather glue popsicle sticks to my eyebrows than to ever make anything else involving pipe cleaners again. Ever.

Sure, when I…

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