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Raising children and chickens on a little buffalo farm

That’s How You Learn…

Here’s the latest from my new blog, Charming Farming.

LC Hanby Hudgens, writer

When Jill and I began to work together on our Charming Farming project, “That’s how you learn!” quickly became our motto. Being new to, well everything, we had (have) a lot to learn.  It is not in my nature to jump into things feet first.  I tend to hang back, wait for a safe opening, and then dive in enthusiastically.  Jill, on the other hand, is definitely a feet-first kind of girl.  One would think that we would balance each other out, her go-for-it attitude would be tempered by my wait-and-see approach.  Not so.  Turns out, I am easily influenced.  Or maybe, I’ve always been more of a feet-first kind of girl at heart, and just didn’t know it.  In any case, we are both jumping right in.  And when we get together, we are unstoppable – not always a good thing.  Here are some of the things we’ve learned:

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Buckle up, we are gettin’ chickens!

LC Hanby Hudgens, writer

For weeks now I have promised LC I would write for our blog! Computer issues and the busyness of life have kept me from following through. Not procrastination, I assure you.
Anyway, back to chickens. First of all, I feel it is important to tell you, I grew up on a farm. A cow-calf operation in the beautiful hills of North Georgia. After moving to Missouri as a young teen, I showed registered Shorthorn Cattle and Quarter Horses. I also raised rabbits as a child for 4-H. That is a story for another day… a really funny story for another day…. back to chickens.

I have in the past five years, obtained sheep for my two children to show, and have learned so much about them! I have, however, never raised a chicken. I’ve hardly even been around chickens. Quite frankly, I have avoided chickens and I think mostly in…

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Rejoice and Bee Glad…

We learned a little more about keeping bees this week.

LC Hanby Hudgens, writer

Those of you who read my post, Bee Not Afraid, know that in fact I am – afraid of my bees, that is.  Fortunately Big Hal isn’t and has been dutifully feeding them all winter.  Apparently, he has done a great job.

On the first warm day of spring I spied bees buzzing here and there about the farm, and took that as a good sign that our bees had survived the winter.  When my oldest son, Jack, texted me last week to “come down to the barn and see the bees going crazy,” I was headed out the door to get our goat.  I didn’t see it, but Jack said there were thousands of bees buzzing around the hive.  I was thrilled by this obvious proof that we are some sort of bee whisperers.  After all, this is our first hive, and it was clearly thriving despite…

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Thinking of Getting a Goat?…

Check out Charming Farming’s article. This is a great resource for information on different types of goats….

Getting Your Goat


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New Blog…

Hi Friends!  I’m excited to announce that my good friend Jill and I have started a new blog called Charming Farming.  Our purpose is to promote a community of women who are engaged in agriculture.  It doesn’t matter if you farm for a living or if you just have a little garden patch or a few backyard chickens.  We want to exchange stories, ideas, photos and questions.  So please join us, and invite your charming and farming friends to join us too.

For now, I will reblog Charming Farming posts here, but in time, I will shift everything over to Charming Farming See you there!

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