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on December 2, 2012

I am so not crafty.  I lack the necessary attention to detail to be precise.  And I can’t cut in a straight line. But I crack myself up. I’m constantly pinning adorable crafts, homemade gift ideas, and DIY projects. As if…

Well, you know what. As if I’m actually crafty, I set aside a whole weekend with my girls to take on some of the projects I’ve pinned. I bought all the supplies in advance because one of the rules of  the MOTHER DAUGHTER HOLIDAY PINTEREST WEEKEND is that we stay in our pajamas all weekend. Cat was thrilled with the idea, and MM was willing to tolerate it. Here’s what we did:

Refrigerator Magnets                                      photo
Aren’t these adorable! And they were sooooo easy. And inexpensive. We got the idea from a clever gal, Sabby in Suburbia

Young House Love gave us this clever idea.  Actually, this project was mostly Chet’s.  Yes, it was a risk letting him use the hot glue gun, but these turned out great, and he was really proud of himself.

photo  photo


These are the sweetest.  In my house we try to keep the spirit of Advent.  Yet, everyone (except me) wants to put up the tree before December 20th.  These are a good way to compromise.  The kids and I made NAMES OF JESUS ornaments and will add one to the tree everyday during Advent.



Thank you, Roaring Momma

Also, we made these beauties!  This was MM’s favorite project.  I’ve seen the idea on a variety of websites.  And there are different methods for doing this.  We just took plain glass balls, popped off the top, squeezed in some acrylic paint, and then shook vigorously.  I think we might have skipped a step or maybe just used too much paint,  because the paint didn’t dry.  Every time someone drops one of these – paint every where.  I guess we should have used the plastic balls, but oh well.

photo  photo

This next thing is all us.

-We cut pictures from old calendars and Christmas cards and burned the edges.  This is not necessary, but we like the way it looks.

-Next, we covered a small canvas with either scrapbook paper or gold spray paint.

-We glued on the picture.

-Finally we slathered the whole thing with Modge Podge.

-We just hot glued some ribbon to the back of the canvas for easy hanging.  And voila…

photo   photo photo

We also did a cork board for Cat’s room using the same method and super cute scrapbook paper (no burning).


We didn’t come near finishing everything I want us to make, but this is a start. As I type , I’m making this body wash from Katie Gibson.  I can’t wait to try it!

No, I’m not naturally crafty, but the holidays and time with my girls always inspire the Martha Stewart in me.  She hides most of the time, but this year, I think she showed up in full force.  Who knows, maybe she’ll stick around even after the holiday this year.




  1. […] not knocking kids’s crafts.  I’ve done me fair share of crafting with kids.  My children and I have melted crayons to make Christmas ornaments.  We’ve glued rice and […]

  2. Reblogged this on Charming Farming and commented:

    I know Thanksgiving is still several weeks away, but here in Arkansas it is the opening weekend of deer season. That means a weekend (mostly) for just the girls and me. It also means that now it the time for me to start Planning for the Second Annual Mother Daughter Holiday Pinterest Weekend. To get ready, I’ll need to sift through my Pinterest boards for fun ideas. I’ll need to make a list of the supplies we’ll need and purchase those. I’ll need to have plenty of yummy snacks on hand – because crafting and snacking go hand in hand. And, most importantly, I’ll need to buy us all matching p.j.’s. After shopping and shopping for some last year, I decided it was too much of a splurge. I regretted it. This year we will be crafting and snacking is matching cozy pajamas. I can’t wait!

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