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New Blog…

on October 28, 2012

No better than I’ve kept up with this blog in recent weeks, maybe now isn’t the best time for me to be starting an additional blog.  But I am.  As the mother of two teenagers, an eleven year old, and an emerging reader, I am realizing more and more how important it is for me to be aware of what my kids reading.

Actually, when they were small, I was very selective about what we read.  I selected their picture books, not merely on the basis of their entertainment value, but  based on what these books  could add to my children’s lives – beauty, truth, or humor.  This ruled out a lot of what passes as children’s literature.  Still, we spent hours cuddled up together reading and talking and laughing. (I still try to read to The Littles every night and will continue as long as they’ll let me.)  I’ve tried to instill in all of my children a love of good literature.  Yet, now that they are selecting books and reading on their own, they are naturally drawn to popular fiction.  Fortunately, a lot of popular fiction is very good – but a lot isn’t.  To help me know what I want them to read, what I don’t want them to read, and what questions some of their reading might raise, I’ve started a book review blog.  My goal is not to tell other people what their children should and should not read, but just to give parents a heads up about what’s out there.

So far, I’ve only reviewed two books, but I’ve asked some friends to contribute as well.  I’m also working on the blog’s appearance.  For example, I’d like to include a photo of each book’s cover, but I’m not sure about copyright laws.  (I’ve still got a lot to learn about blogging.) In time, I hope we will have a nice collection of reviews for our readers. Please check out my new blog.  And be sure to click on the ABOUT tab to learn more about why I started whatkidsarereading.wordpress.com .

2 responses to “New Blog…

  1. theroommom says:

    I asked a publishing friend of mine about using the thumbnails of book covers from Google images since I put them in some of my posts. You are allowed to copy since you would be discussing the book. It’s a marketing thing. Looking forward to your new blog!

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