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A Tip From My Daddy’s Kitchen…

on September 9, 2012

This morning when I wanted to make biscuits, I was once again thankful for kitchen tips passed down by my parents and grandparents. Here’s my daddy’s tip for “making buttermilk.”

Take a cup of milk.  Add a TBS of lemon juice or white vinegar. Let stand for five minutes. Voila!

I rarely buy buttermilk because most recipes only call for a small amount. I usually let the rest go bad or end up baking more recipes that call for buttermilk. It’s a vicious cycle. With my dad’s helpful tip, I’m saved a little money and a lot of calories!


2 responses to “A Tip From My Daddy’s Kitchen…

  1. theroommom says:

    I do this too! So handy.

  2. Sunshine says:

    WOW, it is that easy?

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