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Six is a Crowd…

on July 9, 2012

We have four children. That’s not exactly a baseball team, but it is nearly double the national average of 2.3 children.(One site I found has that number at 1.9)  I’ll be honest, I’m not the world’s most frugal person. I’ve never been good at bargain hunting or coupon cutting, so I almost feel a little funny writing a “how to save…” post, but here goes…

When I hear people say they would like to have more children, but it’s too expensive, I usually argue that with some budgetary gymnastics and a lot of hand-me-downs, raising a large family doesn’t have to cost a fortune. And while my gymnastics skills still need some work, I do believe it – until it’s time to take a vacation!

Vacations are just  plain expensive.  Before we’ve crossed the county line, I’ve already spent money on new clothes (For some reason I always think everyone has to have new underwear for a trip.), travel snacks, games and movies for the car, and dog boarding. I’ve also usually spent a small fortune on new baskets, bins, and containers for my pre-vacation, over-the-top, get everything in order house cleaning – but that’s a whole other post. My point is, it costs us a lot just to get out the door.  And to make matters worse, the world of travel is designed for two groups – couples and families of four. Every family vacation package and deal I’ve ever come across is tailored for a family of four. And flying any place? Airline tickets for six people? Forget it.  (Until we rack up enough miles with Hal’s new mileage plus Visa!  Good thinking, Hal.).

So, we limit our travel – which isn’t too painful because let’s face it, traveling with four kids is a ton or work too – and when we do take a trip, we usually use www.vrbo.com . With this site we can book a house or condo that sleeps six, and it less expensive than paying for the two hotel rooms that are usually required. Also, with a condo or house, there’s always a kitchen. We save a lot of money by cooking at least some of our meals when we travel.

This year we are headed to the beach. We have a great beach house at a lovely resort, but we were only able to get it for five nights. To compensate, we decided to take an extra couple of days on our way to the gulf and see some sights. The problem, of course, is that two extra nights on the road could end up costing us almost as much as our beach house. Fortunately, I found a website just for families like ours (and larger)! Thanks Six Suit Cases!


7 responses to “Six is a Crowd…

  1. B. L. Crisp says:

    Haha… you didn’t follow the rules by having either 2 or 4 children. Good on ya! We decided to take a trip back to Japan before our next little tiger cub pops out… because then the price of traveling just gets ridiculous! Still, we are all very much happy traveling nationally as there is still so much to see and do. 😉

    • Yes, there is a lot to see and do. When we were children we travelled quite a bit with my parents. Unfortunately, my children aren’t seeing as much of the world, but they have all these brothers and sisters to make up for it. Maybe they will study abroad.

      • B. L. Crisp says:

        Yeah. I am sure someday they will visit abroad, at which point they are most likely to remember the experience. Adventure awaits around every corner, you just have to let your imagination run wild 😉

  2. Dani says:

    I love this post. I have five kids and know the cost that comes with vacationing with a large family.

    • We are on the road right now – sanwiches packed. We like to drive straight through so we don’t have to get a room on the way down, but I doubt we make it this time. Oh well, we try to save where we can but not stress about it. After all, we are on vacation. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Thanks for the mention! Traveling with more than four can be a challenge, hope you find the website helpful. Safe Travels!

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