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Free to Hate Housework…

on June 19, 2012

So, I last posted about the importance of doing one’s chores cheerfully.  I stand by that – at least when my kids are around.  But the reality is, housework STINKS!  It is true that because of my missing housework/time management gene, I probably loath it more than some, but no one really likes it.  Right?  Housework is like taxes, mamograms, and swim suit shopping – one of life’s necessary evils that we’d all rather avoid.  The thing about housework is that it just never ever ever ever ever ends. We all get tired of it, but my distaste for some of my domestic duties also has a deep connection to my childhood.

My mother, God love her, tried hard to teach me how to be tidy and to keep things in order. But she did make one serious and far reaching mistake. She bought me the Free to Be You and Me album. www.freetobefoundation.org If your not familiar with it, this album is a very post-hippy, 70’s, Me Generation, collection of songs, poems, and stories created to help children break free from stereotypical gender roles. I loved it, and I listened to it for hours.

When my first son, Jack, was born, I bought him the cd. Leading and loving a life of very traditional gender roles and listening to it with adult ears, I still loved it.  At times Marlo Thomas and Friends do get a bit heavy-handed with their message, but for the most part, it is just a lot of fun! The general ideas are great – It’s alright to cry. Be helpful. Be a good friend. I have no doubt that all of these songs and stories had an influence on my life, but perhaps none so profound as Carol Channing’s Housework monologue.  Enjoy!

3 responses to “Free to Hate Housework…

  1. Marie says:

    Loved that video! And it’s true… I am way less grumpy about the housework when the rest are helping, even if it only looks like they are helping!

  2. Dena says:

    4 kids x $3 per cabinet/drawer = 2hours, $105, and almost ALL of my kitchen cabinets clean! I would’ve spent $100 if we’d all gone to town anyway and now they have their OWN $$ to spend ( i would have spent it on them anyway) when we go to Tulsa tomorrow!

    • Wise Mamma. I’m think clean cabinets will be in order for our house before we head for the beach later in the week. By the way, thanks for the Hidden Dunes tip, I will let you know how we like it.

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