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Big News….

on June 8, 2012

I have been nominated by my new cyber friend, B.L. Crisp for the Kreative Blogger Award. I am a big fan of his blog, Spirativity . For starters, he is an awesome poet. That is something to be admired.  Also, I feel like he and I have a lot in common – love of nature,coconut oil, drama, family, spirituality, and creativity. Yet, his life and experiences are so different from my own – I grew up in the country. He grew up in the ghetto. I’ve never been to Japan. He lived there for three years. He’s an experienced moountain climber, and the closest I’ve ever come to climbing a mountain is riding the Gondola up to the ski lift at Steamboat Springs. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed getting to know him through his blog, and I appreciate the nomination.

So, the rules for the award of the award are as follows:

1. Thank my nominator (thank you, Barry) and provide a link to his blog (see above).
2. List seven things readers might find interesting about me.
3. Nominate seven other bloggers.


1.  We live in the house I grew up in – with my parents living a granny flat upstairs.  Multi-generational living is not for everyone, but we love it.  My daddy likes to say we live like the Waltons (not the Sam Waltons but the John Boy Waltons).

2.  Although I have four amazing children, I wish I had four more.  Not a day goes by that I don’t miss having a baby in the house.

3.  I did not like vegetables or beer until I was pregnant with my first child.  ( I didn’t drink beer when I was pregnant, but I craved it).

4.  We converted to Catholicism in 1999.  It has been like coming home!   I believe our faith and extravagant love is the greatest gift we have to offer to our children.  The second greatest gift we’ve given them is siblings – whether they like it or not!

5.  If I could have my dream job (and still be first and foremost a wife, mommy, and farmer) I would be a singer-songwriter – famous enough to get to be on Letterman now and then, but not so famous that it ruins my life.

6.  I’m a sanguine phlegmatic – very social, love to have a good time, love to laugh, but also very laid back – so laid back that sometimes important things (like laundry and reconciling the bank statement) just don’t get done.   I’m working on the latter part.

7.  I homeschooled my children for seven years.  They were great years full of fun and togetherness.  It’s not for us at this point, but I cherish those years with all my chicks in the nest.

I’d like to nominate :








5 responses to “Big News….

  1. B. L. Crisp says:

    Ah Laura, you’re too kind! 🙂 It’s been a real pleasure getting to know you as well and I’ve very much enjoyed your posts to date – full of wit and creativity! And we definitely do have a lot in common… I’m a sanguine phlegmatic as well 😉 Thanks again and I look forward to reading and communicating more! 🙂

  2. I love the phrase “sanguine phlegmatic.” I truly have no idea what it means (other than your description), but I am going to try to use it daily. “Ahem! Excuse me, I have a sanguine phlegmatic in my throat.”
    Thank you so much for the nomination. I means a lot coming from someone I admire!

  3. Nicole says:

    Ha, ha again thank you for the nomination. Its funny because I started to create the post and follow the rules – actually i am almost done but then I started to wonder…………am I supposed to do this or is that when I get an award? I think the nomination is the award and I am excited to keep it going but I do not want to look foolish. Please do tell…………

    I am very flattered as well for the simple fact that your blog is really excellent, fun and well written. It is nice to be acknowledged by people who have the talent, great stories, and an interesting life.

    • Well, I’m not sure, now that you mention it. I created my post after Barry nominated me – I think that’s right. And you are probably right about the nomination being the award, but it’s a fun way to acknowledge our favorite bloggers and to find out what blogs they are reading.

      Thanks for the kind words!

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