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Sexing…not nearly as fun as it sounds…

on May 28, 2012

A few weeks ago I posted about making baby rabbits. I said I’d post photos of our newest litter as soon as they got cute enough to be photo-worthy. Now they are ridiculously adorable. In fact they have been adorably hopping around the hutch for a couple of weeks. They are actually ready to leave the nest, so we are in the process of finding them new homes. Some friends of ours have asked for two. Before they choose which two they want, we have to know which ones are boys and which are girls – lest of our friends take two and end up with ten.

The process of determining the sex of a rabbit is called (simply enough) sexing. To do this, you just turn the little fellas (or gals) over and look. Sounds easy enough, but little rabbit parts can be…well, really little.

With our first couple of litters we took them to a rabbit breeder to have them sexed. But now, The Littles and I are trying to do it ourselves. After all, how can we call ourselves real farmers if we farm out something as simple as determining the gender of our own livestock.  I haven’t been farming long, but that seems like a pretty basic skill. So, we are going to give it a shot.  If we are wrong… well, let’s just hope our friends are forgiving.

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