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Raising children and chickens on a little buffalo farm

Egg on My Face…

About an hour ago I had egg all over my face, literally. Why? Vanity. Here’s the story: I have a friend, Alexandra, who is as vain as I am, but at the same time as practical. She’s also very knowledgable about things like natural alternatives to bad stuff. Naturally she was the first person I called when my dermatologist recommended a high-power, high-dollar anti-aging cream. I knew she could help me weigh flawless skin against the considerable expense and exposure to harsh chemicals offered by this miracle cream. Her suggested alternative – egg yolks! One of the key ingredients in this prescription cream is Vitamin A – which is also found in egg yolks. In fact, egg yolks are loaded with it! And on top of that, I’m a chicken farmer! How perfect is that?
So, tonight I slathered on some egg yolk. After about ten minutes, I scrubbed it off with warm water – and my face feels Amazing!  I checked in out online, and egg yolks, when mixed with a little water, can also be used daily as a anti-aging face wash (rather than a mask) and egg whites can be used as a skin softening, puffiness reducing wash. Seriously, my skin feels like velvet. I can’t wait to wash my face again in the morning. Thanks, Alexandra!


The Patron Saint of Chicken Farmers

St. Brigid of Ireland is the patron saint of chicken farmers.  We keep her image hanging in our hen house.  To read more about her check out this delightful children’s book St. Brigid’s Cloak.

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Chicken Pins about Chicken Pens (and so much more)

I love gathering my eggs each day.  I love washing them, drying them, and arranging them in cardboard cartons.  It’s a time consuming chore that I could easily delegate to my children (and sometimes I do), but as often as I can, I do it myself.  I savor the simplicity of the whole process, and I get a real sense of satisfaction from seeing all my eggs lined up neatly in their cartons.

It’s silly, but one of the things that makes this chore such a joy is my egg basket.  It makes me happy to carry it empty down to the barn and return with it full.  It’s a charming little basket. For me, it adds to the joy of farming.   Now that I’ve discovered Pinterest, I realize that charmingness and chicken farming go hand-in-hand. Apparently there is a whole subculture of  poultry lovers out there, and their appreciation for all things chicken is delightful. It’s fun to see what chickens and chicken accessories other farmers are using to add to the joy of farming.  From darling muck boots to pretty aprons to lovely chicken coops, it’s all on Pinterest.  If you’d like to see what I’ve found,  Follow Me!

Farm on! (and Pin on!)

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