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Why We Read to Children and How Common Core Doesn’t Get it…

Why We Read to Children and How Common Core Doesn’t Get it….

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Those Farm Kids Have Got it Going On…

LC Hanby Hudgens, writer

…at least that’s what my Charming Chet’s teacher told me after he received a trip to the principal’s office, detention, a writing assignment on the dangers of roughhousing and a three day ban from playing football on the playground.   All of this for accidentally running into another boy during a game of Monkey in the Middle.  To be fair, the other boy was standing still.  And because they had been running after the same ball,  his back was turned to Charming Chet, so the poor kid never saw him coming.  And the poor kid did end up with a goose egg on is forehead.  But in Charming Chet’s defense, they were playing Monkey in the Middle, which is by nature a rough game.  And it was an accident.

When I questioned the teacher about the harshness of Chet’s punishment, she explained that, though it was an accident, they were…

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Why I Want My Kids to Get Bored…

The latest post over at Charming Farming…

LC Hanby Hudgens, writer

There’s an old saying that goes,”Idle hands are the devil’s playground.” Or workshop or something like that. The point is that if one is not busy, one will get into trouble. Perhaps it is this way of thinking that has spawned the kids’ craft industry and the untold number of websites and Pinterest pages devoted to making things with popsicle sticks, paper plates, and toilet paper rolls.

I’m not knocking kids’s crafts.  I’ve done my fair share of crafting with kids.  My children and I have melted crayons to make Christmas ornaments.  We’ve glued rice and pinto beans to particle board to fashion works of art.  We’ve strung macaroni necklaces, and made our own play doh.   Quite frankly, I’m sick to death all of it.  Really, I’d rather glue popsicle sticks to my eyebrows than to ever make anything else involving pipe cleaners again. Ever.

Sure, when I…

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The First (and maybe only) Great Chicken Harvest!

Here’s the latest over at Charming Farming. Remember that Up With the Chickens will be moving to Charming Farming soon, so be sure to follow me there.

LC Hanby Hudgens, writer

I do not like to kill things. I am even squeamish about stepping on bugs.  So, I’m not sure why I did not hesitate a few weeks ago when my friend and blog partner Jill suggested we invest in some meat chickens. Why not?  Sure, neither of knows a thing about slaughtering chickens, but that’s how you learn. And besides, Jill watched a YouTube video.  So, we figured we were all set.  We bought 50 chickens.  Just let that sink in a minute – 50 chickens!  To slaughter.  Ourselves.  Oh yeah, piece of cake.

Since Jill has an actual farm dog instead of bird dogs, we decided to free-range them at her house. (That’s the  kind of wisdom that comes from months of farming experience.)   Seven short weeks later we had 50 fat chickens on our hands that needed killin’.   I’m not gonna lie.  At this point Jill…

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Feelin’ Broody?…

LC Hanby Hudgens, writer

The last time we went to the feed store, The Littles decided they wanted some baby chicks to add to the flock. “Fine,” I agreed. “But no need to buy them. We have a henhouse full of chickens and a fine, handsome rooster. Let’s just hatch some of our own eggs.”

So last Sunday, when we went down to the henhouse to gather the eggs, we let two nest boxes set. It occurred to me at the time that the gals might not know our plan and that, not knowing, they might continue to lay more eggs in the same boxes. I also wondered how they would know to sit on them. I don’t normally see the gals just casually sitting on their eggs. They seem to get in there, get the job done, and then join the rest of the flock pecking about the coop. Still, I felt confident…

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That’s How You Learn…

Here’s the latest from my new blog, Charming Farming.

LC Hanby Hudgens, writer

When Jill and I began to work together on our Charming Farming project, “That’s how you learn!” quickly became our motto. Being new to, well everything, we had (have) a lot to learn.  It is not in my nature to jump into things feet first.  I tend to hang back, wait for a safe opening, and then dive in enthusiastically.  Jill, on the other hand, is definitely a feet-first kind of girl.  One would think that we would balance each other out, her go-for-it attitude would be tempered by my wait-and-see approach.  Not so.  Turns out, I am easily influenced.  Or maybe, I’ve always been more of a feet-first kind of girl at heart, and just didn’t know it.  In any case, we are both jumping right in.  And when we get together, we are unstoppable – not always a good thing.  Here are some of the things we’ve learned:

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Buckle up, we are gettin’ chickens!

LC Hanby Hudgens, writer

For weeks now I have promised LC I would write for our blog! Computer issues and the busyness of life have kept me from following through. Not procrastination, I assure you.
Anyway, back to chickens. First of all, I feel it is important to tell you, I grew up on a farm. A cow-calf operation in the beautiful hills of North Georgia. After moving to Missouri as a young teen, I showed registered Shorthorn Cattle and Quarter Horses. I also raised rabbits as a child for 4-H. That is a story for another day… a really funny story for another day…. back to chickens.

I have in the past five years, obtained sheep for my two children to show, and have learned so much about them! I have, however, never raised a chicken. I’ve hardly even been around chickens. Quite frankly, I have avoided chickens and I think mostly in…

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Rejoice and Bee Glad…

We learned a little more about keeping bees this week.

LC Hanby Hudgens, writer

Those of you who read my post, Bee Not Afraid, know that in fact I am – afraid of my bees, that is.  Fortunately Big Hal isn’t and has been dutifully feeding them all winter.  Apparently, he has done a great job.

On the first warm day of spring I spied bees buzzing here and there about the farm, and took that as a good sign that our bees had survived the winter.  When my oldest son, Jack, texted me last week to “come down to the barn and see the bees going crazy,” I was headed out the door to get our goat.  I didn’t see it, but Jack said there were thousands of bees buzzing around the hive.  I was thrilled by this obvious proof that we are some sort of bee whisperers.  After all, this is our first hive, and it was clearly thriving despite…

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Thinking of Getting a Goat?…

Check out Charming Farming’s article. This is a great resource for information on different types of goats….

Getting Your Goat


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